Jumping Fences to Wichita: my 100 favourite songs

“It started with a playlist…I never thought it would come to this…” (with apologies to Hot Chocolate).

Well yes, I went quite a bit further with an early lockdown challenge amongst some friends to each compile a Spotify playlist of our 50 favourite songs (with only one selection by any single artist).  From an initial longlist of 379 such tunes – leading to various accompanying playlists in addition to my standard top 50 – I then started blogging about each choice.  Initially this involved pretty much one post every day throughout April and May for my favourite 50, before broadening this out to cover my top 100 songs and then blogging roughly twice a week from June to November.  And so a project that began near the start of the first lockdown comes to a conclusion towards the end of the second lockdown…

Anyway, here’s the full rundown of my favourite songs from #100 (Jumping Fences) to #1 (Wichita Lineman) – with links to each blog.  And below that is a countdown playlist of all these tunes – well all 94 that are available on Spotify…


Counting down my 100 favourite songs from #100 to #1 (well those that are on Spotify at least) in true chart rundown style…

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