379 to 50: #8 “One More Time” by Daft Punk

Daft Punk One More Time

“Celebrate and dance so free…” – “One More Time” is my Daft Punk top song choice, actually a fairly simple personal choice despite so many great tracks by the Parisian robots.

A perfectly complete musical and visual package, Daft Punk’s first two albums 1997’s “Homework” and “Discovery” from 2001 are distinctly different but both nigh-on perfect dance albums.  Their two LPs since, 2005’s “Human After All” and 2013’s “Random Access Memories” may be patchier, but both still boast their share of bangers, especially “Robot Rock” and “Get Lucky” respectively.  Amongst much competition for a favourite Daft Punk tune, “One More Time” from “Discovery” just has to be my choice as it’s associated with so many fond personal memories.  From its opening synth stabs to the pounding bassline kicking in and its euphoric, prompting vocals that “music’s got me feeling me so free” imploring everybody to “celebrate…one more time”, “One More Time” remains an irresistible dancefloor classic that still sounds as fresh today, nearly 20 years on.  Parent album “Discovery” was released on 26th February 2001 and its disco/synth pop influences gave it a very different flavour to the harder house stylings of the preceding “Homework”.  This did actually divide opinion at the time with some distinctly mixed reviews for an album now widely considered a dance masterpiece, which also helped to prove instrumental in electronic music becoming part of mainstream culture in the USA.

Daft Punk Eiffel Tower

However, there was no division of opinion amongst my friends and I, we were all pretty obsessed by the album as soon as we heard it – and I can vividly recall us blasting it out of my car stereo en route to the 2001 ATP festival in early April (with acts including Boards Of Canada, my #45 selection) and duly eulogising its genius.  Then one night Tim Gane from Stereolab was DJing and, desperate to dance to some Daft Punk, we asked for “One More Time” to which Tim replied “if I had that with me, I’d definitely play it, but I don’t”.  So I ventured to our nearby chalet, returned with my “Discovery” CD and true to his word, Tim Gane played “One More Time” basically next song, cueing the usual ecstatic pandemonium on the dance floor that this song provokes.  I’ve since discovered that Stereolab have an early Daft Punk connection; before forming Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo were in a band called Darlin’ along with Laurent Brancowitz, who later went on to form Phoenix, my #40 choice.  Darlin’s first released tracks were on a multi-artist EP by Duophonic, the record company owned by Stereolab, who also asked Darlin’ to open for them at some forthcoming gigs.  A fairly short lived act, Darlin’ are most notable for a Melody Maker review having described them as “daft punky thrash”, which helped provide the name for Thomas and Guy-Man’s re-emergence as a dance duo.

Daft Punk Grammys

My most cherished Daft Punk memory is seeing them at Hyde Park in 2007, probably the best live show I’ve ever experienced, a totally intense visual/audio onslaught.  Daft Punk’s 2006/2007 concerts with their flashing pyramid, fantastic light show and perfectly judged set that mashed up all their best tunes, now rightly have legendary status and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a huge crowd of everyone going absolutely crazy, grinning ear to ear and not being able to process just how much fun they’re having.  A truly special event, we all just have to hope that they will tour again one day, that would certainly be a hugely welcome tonic once we can all start raving again.  The excellent Daft Punk Unchained documentary on Netflix extensively covers the creation of this live show and build-up to its premiere at Coachella in 2006, recommended viewing.

Daft Punk live

“One More Time” also has many great club associated memories, especially one time in Pacha in Ibiza, walking down the stairs from a roof garden back into the club and hearing the enticing opening bars of “One More Time” ring out, then yelling “it’s Daft Punk!” with a friend, and sprinting onto the dancefloor.  It’s also a go-to song when I’m on DJing duties, as its inviting intro frequently draws yelps of delight, always a really satisfying feeling.  Just a fantastically joyful song, donc s’il vous plait Daft Punk, once these tough times are over, please lift spirits “around the world” by coming back to tour “One More Time”…


Daft Punk ticket

Ticket stub from Daft Punk’s “Daftendirekt” 1997 tour, the only year they toured before 2006/07, with a slightly smaller set-up; still absolutely great though…


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