Tape It Up: 26@17.06.95

Here’s the second of my recently rediscovered compilation tapes, the rather prosaically named 26@17.06.95 which does at least date it to being basically 26 years ago.  And there are some suitably breezy summer tunes included from favourites such as Teenage Fanclub, Mercury Rev, Stereolab and the Beach Boys. 

“Common People” had just been released so a big Britpop nod there, but Spotify unfortunately doesn’t offer the psych pop fun of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Ricky Spontane (both with 2 tracks), Ideal or the great Boo Radleys B-side “Don’t Take Your Gun To Town” – the latter of which can be found on YouTube underneath my Spotify playlist of all the other tracks below…

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