B100: #80 “Seven Days Too Long” by Chuck Wood

An out and out Northern Soul classic, Chuck Wood’s “Seven Days Too Long” was originally released in the US in 1967 on Roulette, before a low key club driven UK release on Mojo in 1971. 

In line with the obscure/one hit wonder status of many Northern Soul tracks, Chuck Wood is the first artist in my favourite 100 songs rundown to not even have a Wikipedia page.  A typically uptempo R&B banger propelled by the odd blast of sax and piano, but with a hint of yearning in the enfolding tale that “seven days is too long without you baby…come on back to me”, “Seven Days…” is an irresistible tune guaranteed to turbo charge just about any dancefloor.  

“Seven Days…” would be right up there as my favourite Northern Soul record anyway, but its status is further elevated by Dexys Midnight Runners’ thundering version on their brilliant debut album “Searching For The Young Soul Rebels” (which also features my #46 song), a fitting tribute to a heartfelt soul stormer.


Fan made video for “Seven Days Too Long”
Fan made video for Dexys’ cover of “Seven Days Too Long”
“Seven Days Too Long” is featured on my B100 Spotify playlist
“Seven Days Too Long” is also featured on my 379: Soul & Country Spotify playlist


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