379 to 50: #12 “Together In Electric Dreams” by Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakey

Electric Dreams

Inspired synth pop synthesis from two genre giants in my favourite songs list: Giorgio Moroder and Phil Oakey with “Together In Electric Dreams”, their number 3 hit from 1984.

First things first – I absolutely love this song, which I’ll rhapsodise about shortly.  However, I always knew this was the theme tune to a film that I’d never seen, and don’t know anyone else who has, perhaps not that surprising as it was a massive flop in the UK.  However, according to Wikipedia, “Electric Dreams is a 1984 science fiction romantic comedy film set in San Francisco that depicts a love triangle among a man, a woman, and a personal computer”, quite the premise.  From watching the none more 80s trailer on YouTube, I’d say I’m intrigued but probably not enough to actually watch the whole film, which Netflix doesn’t have available to tempt me anyway.  Steve Barron directed “Electric Dreams”, enlisted Giorgio Moroder to score the movie and then suggested his former associate Phil Oakey collaborate and sing on the theme tune, Barron having worked with Phil when directing The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” video.

Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder

The Human League have previously featured in my countdown at #32, while Giorgio Moroder has an amazingly varied career which truly veers from the sublime (“I Feel Love” with Donna Summer, “Call Me” with Blondie) to the ridiculous (“The NeverEnding Story” with Limahl!).  Therefore, “Together In Electric Dreams” is a true meeting of two techno pop titans, with suitably electric results fusing to produce a timeless pop classic.  From the shimmering opening chords, through the initial synth stabs and pulsing verses building up to the euphoric chorus, “Together In Electric Dreams” is just pure, irresistible joy.  And what a chorus, perfect for mass singalongs too, with its universal sentiments “we’ll always be together, however far it seems, we’ll always be together, together in electric dreams…” – plus it’s hard to credit that something from the year 1984 could (unfortunately) be so pertinent to 2020.  “Together In Electric Dreams” has that wonky charm also present in my #26 choice “Kids In America”; I even love the daft guitar solo that creeps in towards the end “Beat It” style, but certainly not performed by Eddie Van Halen in this case.  It’s just a blissful, life-affirming pop song that I certainly can’t wait to hear out again “in the wild” surrounded by like-minded souls…



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