379 to 50: #40 “Lisztomania” by Phoenix

Phoenix Lisztomania

Breaking into my the top 40 of my 50 favourite tunes now, with a first trip to continental Europe: the aptly named “Lisztomania” by Phoenix, from their 2009 fourth album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”.

This LP was Phoenix’s real breakthrough, especially in the USA (going on to win “Best Alternative Album” at the Grammys in January 2010) and stands today as their high watermark.  “WAP” was my first real introduction to the Parisian band, having been distantly aware of them before – and their Daft Punk connections didn’t hurt either, with one of Phoenix having been a member of Darlin’, the short lived band that Thomas and Guy-Man were also part of before starting out on their journey to become robots.  “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” is chock full of pop highlights, but first track (and second single) “Listzomania”’s galloping drums, chiming guitars, interjecting bass prods and irresistible melody mark it out as my personal favourite.

Phoenix APE

Phoenix live at All Points East, Victoria Park, May 2018

Phoenix are also responsible for probably my favourite ever guitar based festival headline set, at Primavera Sound in 2013.  As a relatively recent convert I hadn’t seen them live before, and had no real expectations, but from the opening blast of “Entertainment” (first song on then new album “Bankrupt”), they were just ferocious, with a huge crowd going properly crazy, and all of my accompanying mates beaming with joy, truly loving it.  I’ve seen them a few times live since and while always compelling, it’s pretty tough to match the sheer excitement of that night in Barcelona.  “Lisztomania” arrived at the perfect time, third in their set as things were really heating up, and a fan shot video linked to below helps to convey some of that energy and delight – “Entertainment”, indeed.



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