USA 2011 Chapter 8 – Boston: Red Sox and rum & coke

As originally posted on my Tumblr site while travelling around the USA in 2011…

After a flight up from Miami with more turbulence than I can remember on any plane, which I found very entertaining and exciting although I don’t think this was shared by most of my fellow travellers, I landed safely in Boston. I’ll say up front that I really liked Boston as a city; I had more than a feeling that this would be the case and it was certainly true. Due to its historic status, it’s often stated that it feels more British/European than other US cities, which makes it much easier to navigate on foot although the street layouts are also more European so it can be harder to know exactly where you are – no grid systems as are more typical in the US.

Fenway Park

“Let’s go Sox”. At the ballgame at Fenway Park in Boston

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