379 to 50: #41 “Paperback Writer” by The Beatles

Beatles Paperback Writer

From 1966, “Paperback Writer” was the Beatles‘ 12th UK single (and 10th number one), backed by arguably the greatest B-side of all time, “Rain”.

It’s fair to say that with this particular band there are quite a few songs to choose a favourite from, for the purposes of my 379 to 50 countdown.  Released in June 1966 (two months before “Revolver” but recorded contemporaneously with most of the tracks from that album in April 1966), “Paperback Writer” is a perfect distillation of my favoured Beatles period – just over two minutes of pure joy and exhilaration from that initial opening riff onwards, it remains fresh, fun and stupidly uplifting even after all these years and so many inescapable repeat listens.

Beatles photo

From the “Paperback Writer” promo film.  Cheer up Ringo, you’re in the Beatles

What also helps edge “Paperback Writer” as my choice is its B-side upon release: “Rain”.  Pure psych pop perfection, it’s amazing that “Rain” didn’t make it onto “Revolver” for example and was a “mere” flipside – rather than a double A side such as “Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever”.  But then, they are the Beatles…



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