USA 2011 Chapter 13 – Chicago: Man Utd v The Smurfs

As originally posted on my Tumblr site while travelling around the USA in 2011…

The last stop on my odyssey around the USA was to be Chicago, which I pulled into on a Friday morning after my overnight train from Washington: good fun but sadly no sighting of Eva Marie Saint or even Inspector Chisholm on board. Upon arriving, I was surprised to see some very overcast skies, which made a change from the beating sun that has been common in the US, which has been gripped by a heatwave all summer. I made it to my hotel and could fortunately check in early, just before the heavens opened with a deluge of cats, dogs, racoons and more. There was another huge downpour later that night and apparently Chicago experienced its most rain in a day ever (about 8 inches in total), with a fair bit of flooding to the south of the city. So some excellent timing from me there.

Wrigley Field

A very American sign at Wrigley Field

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