USA 2011 Chapter 10 – Philadelphia: pub quiz and prison

As originally posted on my Tumblr site while travelling around the USA in 2011…

Only 90 miles south of New York, a quick train journey deposited me in Philadelphia for three nights. Philadelphia is a pretty historic place and was actually once the second largest city in the British Empire, is where the US Declaration of Independence was signed and was also the US capital for a while until 1790, when Washington took over. A decent sized city of 1.5 million, I really enjoyed visiting its mix of traditional sights coupled with top notch entertainment in a more relaxed (but not too much!) and friendlier environment than I’d just encountered in New York.

Rocky Steps

Now the most famous view in Philadelphia: the “Rocky steps”. Apparently this annoys the Philadelphia Museum Of Art quite a lot. Well maybe if they had knocked out at least one of Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago, they would be equally cherished.

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