379 to 50: The Final Countdown (from numbers 50 to 1)…

Top 10 montage

I’ve now finished my lockdown inspired favourite 50 songs countdown, which started in early April.  All 50 tracks are listed below, with links to each accompanying blog.  There’s also a Spotify playlist with the songs in ranked order, plus 4 bonus tunes (my numbers 51-54) as my top 50 choices from My Bloody Valentine, Whiteout, Plush and The KLF are not available on Spotify.



Bee Hundred

B100: with apologies to Guided By Voices

I’ve also now shared my next 50 favourite records that didn’t quite make the cut for my top 50 – click here for the ranked list or click here for the accompanying Spotify playlist.


I’ve also compiled some genre playlists, spanning all 379 tunes from my original longlist, only song per artist.  Each playlist is generally 25 to 35 tracks long, and again some songs are missing due to Spotify not having them (18 in total).  Genre definitions are completely my own too, should some tunes seem misclassified!  These playlists are alphabetically sorted by artist, not ranked.

Plus there is also now a 379: Complete playlist, featuring the 361 songs from my 379 longlist that are available on Spotify – a full 24 hours of audio goodness, definitely designed more for shuffle play than one sitting…

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