Adventures in the USA: 2011

Previously published on my Tumblr site, I’ve now pulled together here all my blog entries from my adventures travelling around the USA in 2011, so they are now easier to browse and look back on…


There are 13 main blog entries in all, published exactly as on Tumblr, along with accompanying photos, and all are still live at as well.

The blogs are all pretty rough and ready, as they were written on my iPad as I travelled, having a great time bouncing around the USA.  My original intro to these blogs from Tumblr is below:

Right, here we go then. This is my blog as I travel around the USA for the next couple of months. I’m writing it so I can remember what goes on plus in response to a few requests that some people want to know what I get up to while out here as well. Therefore, there may be the odd thing that seems a bit dull/long but I’ll try to be as concise, interesting and amusing as possible; I can get easily bored too. Right, that’s the general idea/disclaimer over with, on with the fun…


  1. Dallas and Russell Osman Square
  2. Austin: Bikers, bats and Back In Black
  3. On the road: Austin to New Orleans
  4. New Orleans: Jimmy Hates Jazz
  5. On the road again: New Orleans to St Petersburg
  6. St Petersburg
  7. Miami: quite a sound machine
  8. Boston: Red Sox and rum & coke
  9. New York: Timmy Malletts, thousands of ‘em…
  10. Philadelphia: pub quiz and prison
  11. Baltimore: Omar Little fortunately not encountered
  12. Washington DC: Kermit, karaoke and coffee shops
  13. Chicago: Man Utd v The Smurfs


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