My Ashes diaries from Australia: 2013/14

To kickstart my new blog and play around with it a bit before posting anything new, I’m going to start with publishing my reviews of each of the 5 Tests when England were sadly whitewashed 5-0 down under between November 2013 and January 2014.  A trip of a lifetime for sure with me watching every single Test in person, just a shame about the result.

The next 5 blogs were originally posted on my Tumblr site as I travelled around Australia so any predictions or looks forward were made at the time; so worth bearing in mind that hindsight can be a wonderful thing.  Also, they contain my thoughts on each of the 5 cities that hosted Tests, so there’s a bit of travel blogging and the like in there too (albeit not all, further ramblings can be found on my aformentioned Tumblr site).  So, enough gabbing and time to confront again the demonic sight of Mitchell Johnson and more…

UPDATE: Links to my 5 Ashes blogs in one place:

For reference, Cricinfo series summary (scorecards, match reports etc) is here

UPDATE 2: Non cricket and more detailed, original blogs from the trip have now also been added:


Cricket wise, things did improve after 2013/14 of course (well some of the time…).  For example, I was also privileged enough to be at Trent Bridge in 2015 to see us “take back the urn”, for a bit at least…

England win Ashes at Trent Bridge 2015

The urn returns: celebrations at Trent Bridge, Saturday 8th August 2015


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